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Behind MBBS Recruitment

MBBS Recruitment was founded by Stephen Bryant, a former senior paramedic in the UK National Health Service and a Consultant in permanent recruitment solutions for medical specialists (and experienced mover of a young family to Australia from Surrey in the UK).

Since moving to Australia several years ago ,Stephen has developed a significant reputation in  permanent recruitment with particular success recruiting difficult to find specialists and providing creative solutions to problems.  Stephen's innovative skills and strategies, plus changed approaches to data, candidate management and relationship management with specialist colleges and clients, resulted in doubling, not only the success rate of doctors starting in their roles, but also the amount of placements made.


Stephen became a paramedic in the London Ambulance Service to assist and help people. Although the work environment is different, Stephen's passion to help people has not changed and the skill set is surprisingly similar. 


Permanent recruitment relies on solid communication skills and this is no different to being a paramedic (actual treatment was only 10% of the work).  Being able to communicate, find out the answers you need and encouraging honesty are the cornerstone of a paramedics skill-set.  Being a paramedic (same for all emergency personnel, medical and nursing staff) you are trusted to have the relevant skills and knowledge and a duty to work together with all parties for the best outcome for a patient.  Honesty from clinicians and patients (yes patients don’t always tell the truth) underpins a successful outcome.   


This is the approach I wanted to bring to MBBS Recruitment and it is a joy when all parties work together, solve the issues, support each other and achieve  best outcome for all parties and the reasons why MBBS Recruitment has very high success rate of doctors starting in their roles ’ 

Candidate Consultant Client - honesty honesty honesty 


Stephen Bryant

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your options

On providing your email address we will provide you with market updates  (roughly 4-6 times a year) on positions that are relevant to your field of practice and the occasional email asking for a referral to assist a colleague who may be looking for a new position. You will not be spammed or emailed excessively, but you can opt-out to receiving these emails by return email.

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