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Overseas Specialists

‘We never charge fees to candidates or receive third party incentives, therefore the advice offered is genuine’

‘Candidate, Client, Recruiter: Honesty, Honesty,  Honesty’

Candidates benefit from recruiters who are experts in all aspects of regulations involving all the colleges. We specialise in permanent recruitment and are experts in this field. This sole focus distinguishes us from split focus agencies who largely focus on locum needs.


We have the experience and knowledge to talk through all the issues that candidates face and are experienced enough to know when to question plans or highlight issues that might have hidden costs or implications. We can then support with potential solutions and advise on what is possible.


After our initial call you will be provided with a summary and a personalised plan for you, with red flags highlighted and relevant links for you to explore the possible move and consider your options.  


We prefer you contact us directly with your questions as there is much accidental misinformation out there.  The chances are we will have already encountered your question before and can assist. 

Unanswered questions = doubt           Answered questions = security

Your consultant is your single point of contact throughout the process and provides not only access to any technical services (immigration and regulations) but can refer you to other third parties, such as tax advisers if required. We do not receive any incentives or payments from the third parties we refer you too.   


MBBS Recruitment is available to support you and your family even after you have arrived in-country as we know building a life in a new country can be daunting.  


Many of the team that assist you have themselves moved with families to Australia and we have helped numerous doctors make this move. We understand the emotional journey and support required and share insights and information from those who have been through the process. We can also put you in contact with those who have already made the move. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss living and working in Australia 

On providing your email address we will provide you with market updates  (roughly 4-6 times a year) on positions that are relevant to your field of practice and the occasional email asking for a referral to assist a colleague who may be looking for a new position. You will not be spammed or emailed excessively, but you can opt-out to receiving these emails by return email.

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