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MBBS is Different

Why the need for a specialist company in permanent recruitment?

Locum and permanent are vastly different in needs, knowledge and expertise. In a split focus agency the two areas essentially compete internally which is not for the benefit of the client.


The locum/perm conflict:

A locum recruiter would prefer all positions stay vacant, as finding a doctor that accepts a permanent solution takes that doctor away from performing locum work in addition to reducing the clients locum requirement.

The perm recruiter has limited options in a split focus agency

In a split focus agency permanent recruiters quite often need the ‘band aid’ solution of locum whilst finding a permanent specialist, but have no other option than the in-house locum team. However, if the in-house locum team are not currently focusing on your required specialty there is no further option to utilise.

Being completely independent means

MBBS Recruitment can advise on the most appropriate recruiter across the whole locum market.

Limited resources

Locum work is time intensive, quick fire and lucrative. In a split focus agency, time and resources are taken up by the immediate needs of locum desks to the detriment of permanent recruitment. If the recruiter is managing both locum and permanent desks, very little time will be dedicated to permanent solutions as locum recruitment demands immediate attention and speed. 

100% of MBBS Recruitment consultants time is dedicated  to the needs of permanent recruitment.

Different data requirements

Locum recruiters will tend to use a much smaller pool of Doctors and work them significantly, whereas the Permanent consultant requires a vastly larger resource of Doctors, that needs constant refreshing and updating and benchmarking. The data base work required for permanent recruitment becomes a low priority, as locum work requires a team of people daily to make sure the paperwork, accommodation and flights are all in place for a locum Doctor.

MBBS Recruitment software and investments are 100% dedicated to the needs of permanent recruitment.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss your options

On providing your email address we will provide you with market updates  (roughly 4-6 times a year) on positions that are relevant to your field of practice and the occasional email asking for a referral to assist a colleague who may be looking for a new position. You will not be spammed or emailed excessively, but you can opt-out to receiving these emails by return email.

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